Supporting the Mental Health Workforce

Supporting the Mental Health Workforce

Emotional Health Association will engage Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health providers that employ peer workers in a training and technical assistance intervention designed to support, increase, and retain an effective peer workforce. This intervention consists of a Co-Learning Collaborative, several training sessions, and the creation of Implementation Teams. Peer workers will also be encouraged to attend Recovery International, an established network of self-help support groups for mental health. Dr. Louis Brown will lead an evaluation of the efficacy of the intervention. This study will inform the use of peer workers as a component of the mental health workforce.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Mental Health Peer Workforce Support

Supervisors and peer workers will participate in trainings covering effective peer services, trauma-informed effective peer supervision, and responsibilities of peer workers in a supervising relationship. A monthly Supervisors of Peer Workers meeting will support site change efforts. Sites will create an implementation team to work within their site to implement the training received. Peer Workers will enroll in a peer mentoring program, where they serve as peer mentors matched with fellow peer more on

Local Organizational Support and Development Networks for Public Mental Health System Workforce With Lived Experience