SMART Brain Health in African-Americans

SMART Brain Health in African-Americans

The investigators hypothesize that opioid use in African-Americans will be associated with hypodopaminergic alleles that alter the threshold for activating feelings of reward and pleasure within the dopaminergic system, and that these allelic frequencies will differ significantly from European Americans. Planned is a targeted system to study genetic risks for reward deficiency using risk gene panel to assign a genetic addiction risk score (GARS), comprehensive surveys to determine quality of life and exposure to stressors and trauma. This system will allow prediction of addiction and relapse potential and delivery of personalized treatment.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Dietary Supplement - KB220Z

Acts to enhance dopamine

Dietary Supplement - Placebo

A placebo that looks the same, but does not contain amino acid precursors or any active ingredients in the nutraceutical

A Systematic Medical Approach to Reward Transformation (SMART) for Brain Health in Opioid Use Disorder