Ambulatory Alcohol Detoxification with Remote Monitoring

Ambulatory Alcohol Detoxification With Remote Monitoring

This study is designed to examine the feasibility and impact of the use of remote monitoring devices during an outpatient ambulatory alcohol detoxification treatment for patients with alcohol use disorders.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Remote Monitoring with Ambulatory Detox

Each Subject willing to participate will sign an Informed Consent and will receive a Subject Number. Study staff will assist Subject in setting up the Soberlink Device as well as the Bluetooth enabled blood pressure cuff and Smartphone APP. Study staff documents Subject's resting and standing blood pressure and pulse to establish a safety range for the study. Subjects will use the blood pressure cuff and the Soberlink Device four times a day per a set schedule to determine blood pressure and pul more on

Ambulatory Alcohol Detoxification With Remote Monitoring