Capsaicin Energy Expenditure and Glucose Metabolism

Capsaicin Energy Expenditure and Glucose Metabolism

The aim of the study is to investigate the effects of capsaicin rich foods on resting energy expenditure and substrate oxidation. We plan to recruit 30 healthy lean and overweight individuals age 18-45 (women) and age 18-50 (men) who will undergo two test days in random order. During one day they will receive a breakfast of toast, orange juice and an omelette with 4tsp of cayenne pepper while on the other day they will receive the same breakfast without the cayenne pepper. Metabolic rate and Respiratory quotients is measured for 30 minutes before the meal and for 2 hours after the meal. Capillary glucose levels and heart rate and blood pressure are measured before the meal and every 30 minutes thereafter for 2 hours.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Dietary Supplement - Capsaicin

4 tsp of cayenne in a breakfast omelette

Dietary Supplement - Control

breakfast omelette without cayenne pepper

Capsaicin Consumption on Resting Energy Expenditure and Glucose Metabolism