Cigarette Pack Inserts for Smoking Cessation

Cigarette Pack Inserts for Smoking Cessation

This study will test whether cigarette package inserts (i.e., small printed leaflets inside cigarette packs) with messages about the benefits of cessation and tips for quitting can help smokers quit. To do this, the investigators will conduct a 2 X 2 between-subject experiment in which 380 smokers will be randomized into one of four labeling groups: 1. no inserts or pictorial health warning labels (HWLs); 2. inserts only; 3. pictorial HWLs only; 4. inserts & pictorial HWLs. Smokers will be given a 14-day supply of their preferred cigarette brand with packs labeled according to their experimental group. Participants will answer a brief survey at the end of each day and four other times each day, using ecological momentary assessment approaches. The investigators will study whether smokers in each group experience different psychological responses and behaviors associated with smoking cessation.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Inserts with efficacy messages

Four rotating inserts (i.e., small, printed messages) with messages about cessation benefits (i.e., response efficacy) and tips to quit (i.e., self-efficacy messages) will be placed inside cigarette packs.

Pictorial warnings on packs

Four rotating pictorial warnings illustrating the harms of smoking will be printed on labels that will placed on and cover approximately 50% of the cigarette packs.

Evaluation of Cigarette Package Inserts for Enhanced Communication With Smokers