Tablet-Based Speech Therapy for Post-Stroke Aphasia

Recovernow: Tablet-Based Speech Therapy For Post-Stroke Aphasia

RECOVERNOW is A MULTICENTRE PHASE II RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL OF EARLY MOBILE TABLET-BASED SPEECH THERAPY FOR ACUTE STROKE PATIENTS WITH APHASIA. Using a novel futility design, investigators will randomize acute care in-patients with stroke to mobile tablet-based speech therapy applications vs the standard of care. Primary outcome is improvement in the Western Aphasia Battery Aphasia (WAB-R) Overall Study Aim: The primary study aim is to determine the futility and potential efficacy of mobile tablet-based speech therapy for post stroke aphasia. Primary Endpoint: The primary outcome measure is change in the Aphasia quotient (AQ) from the WAB-R at 90 days. The WAB-R is a standardized aphasia battery. The AQ is calculated from four language sub-tests measuring spontaneous speech, word comprehension, repetition, and word finding.) Secondary Endpoints: The results of the cost-effectiveness analysis will be expressed as the incremental cost per one-unit improvement in AQ and the incremental cost per one quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gained. Population: 226 participants will be enrolled over 3 years. Males and females, >18 years of age, with diagnosis of acute ischemic/hemorrhagic stroke confirmed by routine head computerized tomography (CT) scan with mild to moderate aphasia. Phase: II Number of Sites: It is anticipated that this will be a multi-center study, with the following facilities participating: The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON, Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary, Alberta and Toronto Western Hospital. Protocol Therapy: Patients will be randomized 1:1 to receive either tablets with speech therapy apps (intervention group) or standard of care. Study Duration: It is estimated that recruitment will take place over 3 years in the three participating centers. Subject Participation Duration: All patients will be assessed clinically at baseline and Day 90 (+/-10).

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

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Recovernow: A Multicentre Phase II Randomized Controlled Trial Of Early Mobile Tablet-Based Speech Therapy For Acute Stroke Patients With Aphasia