Metabolic Availability of Lysine from Barley in Young Men

Metabolic Availability of Lysine From Barley in Young Adult Men

Protein is the key determinant of growth and bodily functions. The quality of food proteins depend on their amino acid content and the amount of amino acids used by the body to make proteins. Globally Cereal Grains (CG) provide 50% of the calories and protein in the diet and exceed 80% in poorer developing countries. Barley is an important cereal grain in the diet. The protein in barley is low in the essential amino acid lysine. Hence barley protein is of low quality. Low lysine affects protein synthesis in the body. Cooking methods also affect the lysine available from foods to the body. It is important to assess the effect of different cooking methods on the lysine availability of barley.

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Dietary Supplement - Barley

Assessing the metabolic availability of lysine in barley.

Application of the Indicator Amino Acid Oxidation Technique for the Determination of Metabolic Availability of Lysine From Barley and Oatmeal Protein, in Young Adult Men