Nutrition and Corticosteroids Therapy in Crohn's Disease

Exclusive Enteral Nutrition and Corticosteroids Therapy in Crohn's Disease (EENCD)

This study evaluates the effect of Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN) in addition to different regimes of corticosteroid (CS) therapy (Prednisone) compared to CS alone in adults participants with active Crohn's Disease, on symptoms and inflammation after 6 weeks of treatment. Participants will be randomized to three treatment arms: standard CS, standard CS with EEN, short course CS with EEN. Participants will be assessed through questionnaires for gut symptoms, quality of life, mood changes and dietary patterns and potential mechanisms will be investigated by collecting stool samples for characterization of gut bacterial profiles, collection of blood to determine inflammatory markers and evaluation of gut motility before and after treatment. The investigators hypothesize that six weeks of EEN with CS will be more effective than CS alone in inducing clinical remission in patients with active CD, as well as leading to beneficial changes in the composition and/or metabolic activity of the intestinal microbiota, gastrointestinal transit and inflammatory burden. Furthermore, six weeks of EEN in addition to a short course of CS will have similar efficacy than EEN with standard course of CS and reduced number of adverse events.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Drug - Prednisone

All 3 arms will receive Prednisone - 2 will be standard course treatment, 1 will be short course and rapidly-tapered

Dietary Supplement - Exclusive Enteral Nutrition

2 arms will receive EEN, in concurrence with either regular-course or short course and rapidly-tapered CS.

Synergistic Effect of Exclusive Enteral Nutrition Formula in Addition to Corticosteroids Therapy to Induce Clinical Remission in Patients With Crohn's Disease: a Pilot Study Involving a Multidimensional Assessment of Potential Mechanisms