VR Breaks on Shift-Worker Alertness

VR Breaks on Shift-worker Alertness

Physician wellness is a hot topic today. Fatigue and alertness are common challenges faced during long work hours. Virtual reality is an immersive technology which has been demonstrated to distract people from pain, stress, and anxiety. Guided relaxation and meditation can impact alertness. There is no literature reporting the impact immersive technologies like VR sessions could have on alertness, a critical area of concern in health care today which impacts physician wellness, quality of care, and duty hours. The investigator's long-term goal is to develop solutions that can be used across industries to improve human alertness. To solve this problem, the investigators propose to test the feasibility of using an immersive virtual reality experience as a scheduled break and measure the interventions effect on post-break alertness, stress, and anxiety. Previous work at our Institution has demonstrated that VR experiences can reduce pain, stress and anxiety in patients presenting to the emergency department.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Virtual Reality Headset with curated content

clinicians will wear VR immersive headset for up to 15 minutes during their break

Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality Breaks on Shift-worker Alertness