DuraDerm® for the Reduction of Pin Track Infection

DuraDerm® for the Reduction of Pin Track Infection

The purpose of the study is to investigate additional clinical uses for DuraDermAR. DuraDermAR is a FDA approved, 510k, medical device, but has not been approved for use on patients with pin track sites as a way to lower the infection rate and is investigational for this purpose. The approved uses include wound care and post-operative care. About 20 subjects will take part in this study.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - DuraDerm

DuraDerm® is a 510K FDA cleared medical device indicated for providing a covering over minor wounds and scrapes that are clean and dry. The microbicidal liquid solution consists of organic polymers . The unique formulation eradicates any organisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) it comes in contact with. This is a result of the solvent's activity against an infinite number of organisms After eradication is complete, the solvent then transitions into a clear, elastomeric, non-odorous film for coverin more on

An Evaluation of the Use of DuraDerm® for the Reduction of Pin Track Infection in Research Participants Receiving External Fixation Following Deformity Correction and Traumatic Provisional Fixation