Mindfulness for African American Dementia Caregivers

Telephone-delivered Mindfulness Intervention for African American Dementia Caregivers

This study is assesses the feasibility and acceptability of telephone-delivered mindfulness training designed to alleviate caregiver burden for African-American rural caregivers of individuals with moderate to severe dementia, as defined by the caregiver. The study utilizes a single-group, uncontrolled design to test the feasibility and acceptability of the intervention for the target population.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Telephone-delivered Mindfulness

The telephone-delivered mindfulness training intervention that will incorporate the following elements: 1) training for primary caregivers (CG) and their caregiving partner (CP) in a telephone-based mindfulness training intervention; 2) groups of up to eight participants (four CG-CP pairs) plus an instructor, on a shared telephone line; and 3) training in a 8-week, modified MBSR program, which places additional emphasis on training in the following: a) mindful experiencing, including mindfulness more on

Easing the Burden of Dementia Caregiving: A Telephone-delivered Mindfulness Intervention for Rural, African American Families