Pressure Injury Prevention in AE and PFC

Pressure Injury Prevention in AE and PFC

This study evaluates the effect of a multilayer skin dressing (Mepilex) placed on the sacrum or a fluid filled pad (LiquiCell) on risk factors for pressure injuries under conditions consistent with military long-distance transport or prolonged field care. Participants will be assigned to one of six groups - air transport, air transport on a spinal immobilization surface with or without Mepilex or on a field stretcher with or without LiquiCell.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Mepilex

Mepilex Border Sacrum dressing is a multi-layered soft silicone dressing that is a recommended strategy to augment standard nursing interventions (i.e., repositioning, offloading) to prevent pressure injuries. The dressing will be placed on the sacrum.

Device - LiquiCell

LiquiCell is a thin layer of low-viscosity fluid contained in a series of bursa-like pouches. Baffles within each pouch channel the liquid to disperse pressure and the volume of liquid in the pouch is so small that there is no pressure-build up. LiquiCell is available commercially as a 36 X 18-inch mattress overlay (LiquiCell Shear Reducing Mattress Overlay) with a soft pliable top and a non-slip bottom. The overlay is positioned from the shoulders to below the hips to minimize shear.

Prevention of Pressure Injuries During Aeromedical Evacuation or Prolonged Field Care