Video Counseling: A Randomized Control Trial

Video Counseling: A Randomized Control Trial

Lack of standardized verbal counseling prior to an induction of labor can leave many patients feeling uninformed and unprepared. The purpose of this blinded, randomized controlled trial was to compare video vs verbal counseling in a cohort of patients undergoing an induction of labor. Here, an 11 minute and 30 second counseling video was created to counsel patients on the finer intricacies of an induction of labor. Patients were randomized to two groups: verbal counseling and video + verbal counseling. Patients were randomized just prior to beginning their induction of labor. After receiving verbal counseling or verbal and video counseling, patients completed a survey analyzing their awareness of the counseling process.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Video Counseling

Patients in the other study arm receive verbal + video counseling prior to their induction of labor.

Video Counseling: A Randomized Control Trial Comparing Video Counseling and Verbal Counseling in Patients Undergoing an Induction of Labor.