CARES: A Mobile Health Program for Alcohol Risk Reduction

CARES: A Mobile Health Program for Alcohol Risk Reduction

In this fast-track STTR, Phase 1 will develop and test a mobile phone app among 40 adult community college students. The app is designed to reduce risky drinking behaviors and improve user safety. In Phase 2 the app ("CARES") will be tested with 200 adult community college students who drink alcohol. Participants will be randomly assigned to the "CARES" app or an alcohol education control condition and will use the app for 12 weeks. Six month outcomes will assess changes in drinking related behaviors.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - CARES mobile smart phone app

The CARES smart phone mobile app contains a number of features to support safety while drinking and reduced alcohol consumption plus regular test messages for personal support

Behavioral - Check Your Drinking

Check Your Drinking is an online alcohol assessment that provides normative feedback on the user's drinking habits relative to his/her peers. Alcohol interventions that provide normative feedback are rated by the NIAAA Alcohol Intervention Matrix as effective and low cost, and with few administrative or structural barriers to implementation thus making it suitable for community colleges.

C.A.R.E.S.: A Mobile Health Program for Alcohol Risk Reduction for an Under- Served College Population