Multi-Level Supermarket Discount Study

Multi-level Supermarket Discount Study

The study team's objective is to test the effect of supermarket discount levels on fruit and vegetable (F&V) and non-caloric beverage purchasing and consumption, as well as health outcomes. The study team will implement this economic intervention in a local supermarket chain to assess the effects of a 32-week intervention of fruit and vegetable (F&V) and non-caloric beverage discounts of 30%, 15%, and 0% (control group) on purchasing, dietary intake, and health outcomes, including body weight and composition, blood pressure, and biochemical markers of cardiovascular disease risk. The 32-week intervention will be preceded by an 8-week baseline and will have a follow-up period of 16 weeks. There will be no discounts in effect during the baseline and follow-up periods.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Discount Intervention

15% or 30% discount on fruits and vegetables

Multi-level Supermarket Discounts of Fruits and Vegetables' Impact on Intake and Health