Integrating Sex and Gender into CPD for Depression/Diabetes

Integrating Sex and Gender Into CPD for Depression/Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to experience depression as nondiabetic individuals, and depression in turn increases the risk of diabetes. Clinical care for patients for either condition usually fails to consider the impact of sex and gender on tests, diagnosis and treatment, and evidence on these impacts is limited. The investigators aim to assess the impact of a continuing professional education activity (CPD) on diabetes and depression that includes considerations of sex and gender on the clinical behaviours of French-speaking healthcare professionals in Canada. In a non-randomised controlled trial, the investigators are assessing the impacts of two CPD activities on depression and diabetes, one that includes considerations of sex and gender, and an identical one that omits sex and gender considerations, on French-speaking healthcare professionals' self-reported clinical behaviors regarding sex and gender considerations post-intervention and at 3 months. Data collection will occur in three distinct locations in Canada. Project development, data collection and analysis and dissemination of results will all integrate considerations of sex and gender. The process of creating a CPD activity that integrates considerations of sex and gender could be scaled up to other CPD activities in other clinical subjects and in other minority languages.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - CPD Workshop on Depression and Diabetes

2 parallel face-to-face onsite workshops on diabetes and depression in primary care given by experts in French (control and experimental) using Powerpoint presentations.

Integrating Sex and Gender Considerations Into a Continuing Professional Development Activity on Diabetes and Depression: Protocol for a Non-Randomized Controlled Trial