Couple Yoga, Quality of Life, and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Dyadic Yoga Intervention in Improving Physical Performance and Quality of Life in Patients With Stage I-III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy and Their Caregivers

This trial studies how well dyadic yoga intervention works in improving physical performance and quality of life in patients with stage I-III non-small cell lung cancer undergoing radiotherapy and their caregivers. Dyadic yoga intervention may help to improve physical function, fatigue, sleep difficulties, depressive symptoms, and overall quality of life for patients with non-small cell lung cancer and/or their caregivers.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Educational Intervention

Undergo dyadic education program

Quality-of-Life Assessment

Ancillary studies

Questionnaire Administration

Ancillary studies

Procedure - Yoga

Undergo dyadic yoga

Dyadic Behavioral Interventions to Manage Physical Performance Symptoms and Quality of Life for Patient Undergoing Radiotherapy and Their Family Caregivers