Analysis of Post-Exertional Malaise

Analysis of Post-exertional Malaise Using a Two-day CPET in People With ME/CFS

This study aims to collect and identify key outcome measures or disease parameters in ME/CFS that are altered during elevated symptoms relative to baseline by gathering information before and after symptom provocation using a two-day cardiopulmonary exercise test.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Two-day cardiopulmonary exercise test

A series of two cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPETs) performed over two days. Participants will perform a CPET and then will return approximately 24 hours later to perform the second CPET. The CPET begins with 3 minutes of seated rest followed by cycling during incremental workloads which increases 15 watts throughout each minute of exercise. The participant will cycle until volitional exhaustion and/or the participant and/or test administrator determines to stop the test. Actual exercise time more on

Probing Metabolism, Circulating Inflammatory Molecules, Extracellular Vesicles and Immune Dysregulation in Individual Immune Cells in ME/CFS