Consent Type Among Prospective Biobank Participants

Trial to Compare eConsent With Standard Consent Among Prospective Biobank Participants

The goal of this trial is to determine whether the Sage eConsent framework (presented using an electronic application) is non-inferior to traditional, paper-based, human-mediated consenta?"and therefore could be part of an acceptable population screening approach to identifying patients and others with actionable hereditary syndromesa?"and to increase basic knowledge about patients' informational needs about different aspects of genetic/omic screening. After receiving either 1) the traditional consenting approach, or 2) a consenting approach presented on an electronic tablet, the investigators will test for differences between these two arms in a variety of outcome measures including objective and perceived comprehension, time spent and informational needs, and enrollment decision, among others.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Electronic Consent (iPad)

Participants who receive the intervention will be consented using an electronic app presented via iPad and developed according to the Sage eConsent framework.

Randomized Trial to Determine Whether eConsent is Non-Inferior to Standard Consent Among Prospective Biobank Participants