Optimizing Patient's Breast Reconstruction Experience

Educational Session To Optimize Patient's Breast Reconstruction Experience at McMaster

This pilot study uses a randomized controlled trial design to introduce an educational session for breast reconstruction patients. Participants will be randomly assigned to the (1) control group or the (2) experimental group. The control group will receive the current standard educational information from the surgeon along with an information package, while participants in the experimental group will also receive an additional education session before their operation about what to expect during their reconstructive journey. Satisfaction with care, anxiety about the procedure and recovery, and health related quality of life will be measured in all patients using established questionnaires. Additionally, feasibility outcomes will be reported and the results of this study will be used to demonstrate whether a larger version of this study can be successfully completed.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted


The intervention is the educational session, which is a one-on-one session delivered by a research assistant using a visual aide on an iPad (power point presentation). The session is specifically tailored to the method of breast reconstruction (autologous or alloplastic) the patient will undergo and reviews the basics of their reconstruction, explains the normal in-hospital course and post-operative recovery, reviews potential complications and provides advice from previous breast reconstruction more on

Preoperative Education Intervention to Improve Patient Satisfaction and Optimize the Patient Experience in Breast Reconstruction: A Pilot, Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial