Health Promoters and Organ Donation

Health Promoters and Organ Donation

Older Hispanics (age 50+ years) are disproportionately overrepresented on the transplant waitlist, but underrepresented as deceased donors and transplant recipients. This application proposes the formative research to design and empirically test an eLearning module, Promotoras de DonaciA3n, to train community health workers (i.e., Promotoras), who already provide culturally and linguistically sensitive services to their communities, to discuss and promote organ donation with older Hispanic women in 3 geographically distinct communities across the U.S. The proposed intervention leverages the established and evidence-based Promotoras program to increase rates of donor designation within Hispanic communities across the U.S. and reduce disparities in access to transplantation for this population.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Health Promoters and Organ Donation

Promotoras de Donación is a highly engaging and interactive online learning experience, that accommodates multiple learning styles by incorporating a variety of pedagogic approaches. The module consists of two components: a didactic educational component and a skills-based communication component. The didactic component provides basic information about organ donation and transplantation and the need for donors in the Hispanic community, and addresses concerns about donation commonly held by old more on

Promotoras de Donación: Leveraging Community Health Workers to Increase Donor Registration of Older Hispanics