DWI Offenders and Their Families App for Smartphones

DWI Offenders and Their Families App for Smartphones

The smart phone application (B-SMART) to be developed in this research project for family members of DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) offenders and offenders themselves will extend the impact of the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and help DWI offenders and their families avoid drunk driving once the IID is removed from their automobiles. As such, the public health consequences of DWI, in terms of health, morbidity and mortality, and its economic and societal consequences, will be positively influenced by a highly accessible and diffusible intervention. The proposed Phase II project will complete the development and programming of the B-SMART smartphone web app and test its impact in a randomized efficacy trial with first-time DWI offenders and their concerned family members.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - B-SMART Intervention Group

The B-SMART mobile web app will contain four modules: 1) Supporting Abstinence, 2) Shared Positive Activities, 3) Common Challenges for Family Members with IID, and 4) Effective Communication. Within each module there will be a series of learning activities, including presentation text, interactive engagement, and videos. All app content will be available in both English and Spanish, based on user language preference.

Behavioral - Usual and Customary Information Group

Participants randomized to the usual and customary care (UC) group will receive a website with a pamphlet on the IID installed in their vehicle and the manufacturer information provided about the IID in PDF format, in both English and Spanish. This constitutes a UC group, as such pamphlets are widely available to DWI offenders who have IIDs installed in their vehicles. Thus, providing this pamphlet represents a standard information provision for first-time DWI offenders and their CFMs.

Smartphone Help for DWI Offenders and Their Families: A B-SMART App