Facilitating Assessment of at-Risk Sailors Using Technology

Facilitating Assessment of At-Risk Sailors Using Technology

Randomized clinical trial with individuals being allocated to experimental (Cogito Companion) or Active Control arms. Those in the latter will receive information regarding widely available mobile self-help apps via a custom mobile app built in MyCAP. This same platform will be used to collect data regarding symptoms. Randomization will be stratified by gender, force (Surface, Aviation), and smartphone model (Android, I-Phone), as Cogito algorithms differ based on smartphone platforms. Participants will be willing Naval personnel being redeployed to CONUS. Data is also being collected (feasibility/acceptability) to inform future implementation..

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Experimental - Cogito Companion

Cogito Companion

Behavioral - Active Control

Use of MyCAP

Facilitating Assessment of At-Risk Sailors Using Technology