Cooking as a Health Behavior in College Students

Cooking as a Health Behavior in College Students

Students who live off campus at the University of Vermont will be recruited to participate in the study which will begin in Fall 2019 and run through May 2020. The intervention is a randomized-controlled trial where students will be randomized into one of four conditions: 1) active cooking classes followed by meal kits and recipes, 2) Active cooking classes followed by no further instruction, 3) Demonstration classes followed by meal kits and recipes, or 4) Demonstration classes followed by no further instruction. Assessments will be conducted at baseline and following each phase.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Active Cooking + Meal Kits + Recipes

6 cooking classes will be held every week for 6 consecutive weeks. The lessons are patterned after Dr. Amy Trubek's cooking pedagogy and will be tailored for those cooking for themselves for the first time. Classes begin with a brief lecture on the day's topic. Students will work in teams of 2 in the foods lab to actively practice skills and cook a meal. Students receive recipes and information sheets that cover pantry supplies, grocery lists, knife skills and cooking equipment. All students att more on

Behavioral - Active cooking

Students receive the same cooking intervention and kitchen intensive orientation as described in the Active cooking + meal kits + recipes. However, once the 6 weeks of the cooking class have ended, there is no further intervention.

Behavioral - Demonstration class + Meal Kits + Recipes

Students receive the Kitchen Intensive orientation as described previously. The demonstration condition will serve as an "attention only" control. Previous research suggests that demonstrations of cooking have little to no impact on cooking behavior, therefore, cooking demonstrations can be used to "even out" the time and attention devoted to the active cooking participants without introducing bias into the study design. Subjects in the demonstration condition will also begin with a brief lectur more on

Behavioral - Demonstration Classes

The demonstration condition is the same as described in the demonstration class + meal kits + recipes, except that there will be no further intervention after the 6 weekly classes of cooking demonstrations. Kitchen Intensive. As part of the orientation process, participants will attend a 2-hour kitchen intensive demonstration. This demonstration will introduce participants to the kitchen lab space and cover basic kitchen skills including food safety, sanitation, equipment overview, and the basic more on

Examining Cooking as a Health Behavior in College Students