Opioid Use After Ambulatory Distal Arm Surgery

Opioid Use Post-Discharge After Ambulatory Distal Arm Surgery

The aim of this study is to determine if a standardized evidence-based opioid prescription following elective hand and forearm surgery at Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) will decrease the number of unused opioid pills consumed by patients while still maintaining adequate pain control as compared to usual treatment. Currently, no standardized prescription exists at our institution.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Drug - Standardized Prescription

Oxycodone 5mg PO q4-6h PRN If patient has allergy or other contraindications Hydromorphone 1mg PO q4-6h PRN/ Tylenol #3 1-2 tablets PO q4h PRN The number of tablets prescribed will depend on the extent of surgical trauma 0-5 pills for simple surgeries such as a trigger finger release 10 pills for carpal tunnel or Dupuytren's contracture releases 15 pills for a ganglion cyst excision or simple tendon transfer 20 pills for more complex procedures such as distal forearm ORIF or a wrist fusion.

Discharge Opioid Prescription for Ambulatory Hand and Forearm Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial