Compression Garment

Impact of the Use of FeelWell™ Compression Garment on Individuals With a BMI ≥35

To assess the effect of wearing a custom-fitted, FDA-registered, Class I device, compression garment (Obesinov, S.A.R.L.) by an individual with a BMI a?Y 35 on his/her day-to-day quality of life over a period of one year. Various measures of quality of life will be taken, including assessing an individual's level of pain, mood, self-stigma and comfort with the use of a compression garment. Additionally, to assess the impact of the compression garment on activity, strength, posture and movement of an individual with a BMI a?Y35 over the period of one year.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - FeelWellâ„¢ Compression garment

Registered FDA class I device: The FeelWellâ„¢ Compression garment is a custom-made orthopedic abdominal binder with full or half-body support. The garments are made of 70% polyamide and 30% elastane and OEKO-TEX certified confirming human-ecological safety of textiles. The company uses a wrap knitting to ensure an optimal compression and durability. The garment has two 360 degrees whalebones in the front and two in the back to provide support for the posture, reinforcing compression on the abdo more on

Behavioral - Increase Mobility

Subjects will work with exercise physiologist and physical therapist to increase mobility, strength and activity

Examining the Impact of the Use of a Custom-fitted, FeelWell™ Compression Garment to Improve the Quality of Life of Individuals With a BMI ≥35