Jaw Support Device During Third Molar Extractions Trial

Assessing a New Jaw Support Device During Third Molar Extractions

During mandibular 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) extractions, when a downward force is placed on the patient's jaw, the patient must tense his/her jaw muscles to oppose it. Patients under moderate/deep sedation or general anesthesia cannot tense their muscles to counter this downward force to prevent injury to the jaw including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Bite blocks hold the patient's mouth open but do not counter this downward force on the mandible. Currently, oral and maxillofacial surgeons (OMSs) when surgically removing 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) with moderate/deep sedation or general anesthesia have a dental assistant that stands behind the chair and places their hands on both sides of the jaw to support it and oppose the downward force on the patient's jaw during the extractions. It is hard for the dental assistant to maintain support while anticipating the direction and amount of force placed by the OMS on the patient's jaw during the surgical removal. This may explain the finding that almost a quarter of new onset TMD cases in young adults is associated with 3rd molar removal. This study will look at the use of a jaw support device to provide a stable counterforce to downward forces on the jaw, thus preventing jaw hyperextension and injury to the jaw.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - The Restful Jaw Device

The Restful Jaw Device is used to support the jaw during dental procedures including surgical removal of 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) with sedation. The device is designed to counter the downward forces placed on the mandible by clinicians during dental procedures and prevent jaw hyperextension (opening too wide) while providing a secure, stable jaw position. When 3rd molar teeth are surgically removed with sedation, a dental assistant stands behind the dental chair and supports the patient's jaw w more on

The Restful Jaw Device: A New Way to Support and Protect the Jaw During Third Molar Extractions