Alcohol Myopia, Objectification, and Sexual Assault

Alcohol Myopia, Objectification, and Sexual Assault

The present project integrates previous research on factors associated with alcohol-involved sexual assault, with research on how intoxication alters attention and social perceptions in ways that increase the risk of sexual aggression and victimization. Specifically, this project examines whether alcohol intoxication on the part of a male perpetrator impairs attentional capacity and leads to a narrowing of the perceptual field causing a dehumanizing perspective of women as sexual objects for men's pleasure rather than individuals with thoughts and feelings, thereby increasing the propensity for sexual aggression. The present research also examines whether women's responses to this sexual objectification from men interfere with risk perception in sexual situations, particularly when women are drinking, increasing the likelihood of sexual victimization.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Alcohol intoxication

Men and women assigned to moderate alcohol dose condition (target BAC .08%) or placebo control condition with NIAAA approved alcohol administration procedures

Behavioral - Objectification

Women assigned to objectifying gazes condition or eye contact control condition

Integrating Alcohol Myopia and Objectification to Understand Sexual Assault