Multimodal Sleep Intervention Using Wearable Technology

Multimodal Sleep Intervention Using Wearable Technology

This research study is examining three different components of a mobile sleep intervention: web-based sleep hygiene advice, sleep and alcohol diary self-monitoring, and personalized sleep and alcohol consumption feedback. The study is designed to find out which of these components are most effective for mitigating alcohol use disorders and improving sleep quality among young adults. The study has three parts: 1) an intake session; 2) a 2-week treatment phase; and 3) three follow-up visits over the next 10 weeks.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Advice

Once per week for two weeks, participants will come to in-person visits to receive brief web-based sleep hygiene advice.

Behavioral - Self-monitoring

Participants will complete daily web-based sleep and alcohol diaries for two weeks.

Behavioral - Feedback

Participants will receive feedback once per week for two weeks on their sleep and alcohol consumption, using all possible data derived from Fitbit actigraphs and Milo Sensor blood-alcohol trackers.

Development of a Multimodal Sleep Intervention Using Wearable Technology to Reduce Heavy Drinking in Young Adults