Managing Stress When Talking About Cancer

An Intervention to Help Patients and Caregivers Manage Stress and Improve Communication Skills When Talking About Cancer

This study will test an intervention to improve Latino/a patients' and their caregivers' ability to manage difficult emotions and communicate about the patient's illness. This culturally sensitive intervention has the potential to reduce Latino/a patient and caregiver distress and improve patient and caregiver quality of life, shared understanding of the patient's illness, and patients' and caregivers' ability to discuss, identify, and document patients' treatment preferences. The intervention is designed to minimize burden to patients, caregivers, and healthcare institutions to allow for easy integration into clinical practice.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Weekly 45 minute Sessions

The current intervention consists of seven, weekly,45-minute sessions conducted over the telephone using the TAC manual workbook. Interventions will occur weekly with a plus three-week window.

A Communication-Based Intervention for Cancer Patient-Caregiver Dyads to Increase Engagement Treatment Planning and Reduce Caregiver Burden