Talc Outpatient Pleurodesis with Indwelling Catheter

Talc Outpatient Pleurodesis With Indwelling Catheter

This study will be a prospective, randomized trial comparing a new protocol to the standard of care. The investigators protocol and the standard of care involves a previously established procedure that will be completed in the investigators pulmonary procedure unit. The study will include using previously, well-established procedures (indwelling pleural catheter placement, talc slurry administration through an indwelling pleural catheter, pleuroscopy with talc poudrage administration) in addition to a new protocol (at home continuous drainage via indwelling pleural catheter).

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Indwelling pleural catheter placement

Indwelling pleural catheter placement by interventional pulmonologist

Drug - Fentanyl Citrate

Administration of intravenous fentanyl prior to talc slurry instillation in order to avoid pain associated with talc slurry application

Drug - Talc Slurry

Administration of 5 grams of medical grade sterile talc mixed in 50 milliliters of normal saline solution via indwelling pleural catheter for purposes of talc slurry pleurodesis

Device - Drainage collection bag

Attachment of one-way Heimlich valve with drainage collection bag circuit to indwelling pleural catheter after talc slurry application for purposes of drainage and pleurodesis in the outpatient setting rather than the inpatient setting.

Talc Outpatient Pleurodesis With Indwelling Catheter: A Randomized Controlled Trial