Auriculotherapy During Medication Abortion

Auriculotherapy During Medication Abortion

This randomized trial will evaluate the effect of adding auriculotherapy (i.e. acupuncture applied to the ear) using either gold beads or Pyonex needles in addition to usual care for the relief of pain and anxiety during medication abortion. The control group will receive placebo auriculotherapy plus usual care. Participants will receive the assigned treatment immediately after they receive their initial abortion medication. The investigators will assess pain and anxiety via text message once daily for four days, and in person at a one-week follow-up visit.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - Auriculotherapy with needles

Single-use 1.2mm acupuncture press needles attach to pre-specified acupoints on the participant's ears with adhesive disk/tape.

Device - Auriculotherapy with beads

A trained co-investigator will place the beads onto prespecified acupoints of the participant's ears. An adhesive disk will adhere the beads to the ears.

Device - Placebo Adhesive disks

Single-use adhesive disks without needles or beads.

Auriculotherapy as an Adjunct for Pain Management During Medication Abortion: a Randomized, Double-blinded, Three-arm Trial