METEOR Think NIV Pilot

METEOR Think NIV Pilot

This study will pilot test three strategies designed to speed implementation of preventive post-extubation noninvasive ventilation (NIV): one control strategy (traditional online continuing medical education) and two novel strategies (interprofessional education and just-in-time education).

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Traditional online continuing education

30-minute, online, interactive, educational video describing the benefits of preventive post-extubation NIV, the indications and contraindications for preventive post-extubation NIV, and the value of working together as an interprofessional ICU team when implementing preventive post-extubation NIV

Behavioral - Interprofessional education

One-time, 90-120-minute, in-person, interprofessional educational workshop consisting of a 30-minute didactic session and a 60-90-minute small group session

Behavioral - Just-in-time education

"Just-in-time," point-of-care education provided by trained advanced practice providers who will be on-hand in the study ICU, where they will deliver the education at the bedside during rounds when a patient meets criteria for preventive post-extubation NIV

Maximizing Extubation Outcomes Through Educational and Organizational Research: Think NIV Pilot Study