Building Stronger Allies

Building Stronger Allies

BSA is a novel, computerized intervention specifically designed for active military personnel with the intent to reduce two risk factors known to be associated with suicide outcomes.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Building Stronger Allies

BSA was developed to model the educational and behavioral techniques commonly employed in the treatment of individuals with mood psychopathology. The psychoeducation portion uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles to correct problematic ideas and behaviors related to PB/TB. More specifically, the program was designed to correct "myths" regarding PB/TB. The program emphasizes the idea that social interaction is a critical need, just like other basic needs such as the need for food and water. more on

Behavioral - Health Education Training

In the HET condition, participants will spend approximately the same amount of time with a program that will present information regarding the importance and benefits of a maintaining a healthy lifestyle and then will provide guidelines to achieve a healthy lifestyle. HET is shown to engage participants with beneficial information while being inert with respect to the risk mechanisms of interest (i.e., PB/TB). The program covers a number of health related topics including: diet, alcohol use, wat more on

"Building Stronger Allies": Development and Evaluation of a Web Application Targeting Interpersonal Risk Factors for Suicide in Active Duty Service Members