Feasibility of Online Yoga with Facebook After Stillbirth

Feasibility of Online Yoga With Facebook After Stillbirth

The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness on PTSD symptoms of the addition of a Facebook group to an online yoga intervention for women following a stillbirth.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Online Yoga + Facebook

Each week, the research team will post a prompt for discussion to encourage participation. Prompts will be developed in the beginning stages of the project based on data from the current R34 study and with guidance from consultant Waibel. Participants will be encouraged to post about their experiences with the intervention and stillbirth (emotional support), share resources, (informational support), and offer feedback and advice (appraisal support). Participants will not be required to adhere to more on

Behavioral - Online Yoga

Participants will complete a series of videos covering basic poses and safety techniques, tracked using the Wistia plugin software. Once complete, they will be able to access the library of pre-selected classes (range in time from 10-90 minutes). Participants will be asked to complete at least 60 minutes of yoga per week; participants may choose any classes to yield 60 minutes. Preliminary data from the current R34 study suggests 60 minutes is a feasible amount of time for yoga participation. Th more on

Feasibility of Online Yoga Plus Social Support to Improve Elevated PTS in Mothers Who Have Experienced Stillbirth