Transfusion of Biotinylated Red Blood Cells

Transfusion of Biotinylated Red Blood Cells

The purpose of this research is to study how red blood cells (RBCs) survive in a person's circulation, and how that survival may be different in red blood cells that are donated and stored prior to being transfused. Investigators will study this by collecting blood samples from participants, "labeling" RBCs with a naturally occurring vitamin, biotin. The RBCs will then be re-infused back into the participant and blood samples will be taken weekly for 10 weeks to assess the number of labeled cells in the samples.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - Biotin-Labeled Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

500mL of blood will be drawn from each participant. The blood will be processed into a packed RBC unit. For participants 1 and 2, the RBCs will be labeled with biotin at three pre-defined concentrations of biotin labeling reagent (2, 6, 18 µg/mL of RBCs) and the labeled RBCs will be re-infused into the participant on the same day of collection. For participants 3 through 8, the RBCs will be stored at 2-6C for 40-42 days before being labeled with three pre-defined concentrations of biotin labeli more on

RBC Survival Validation in Adult Humans Under Condition of Normal RBC Survival