Orthotic Dose Response Study

Orthotic Dose Response Study

This study will investigate the effect of foot orthoses on two common conditions (ankle osteoarthritis and symptomatic adult onset flat feet) by using a custom biplane X-ray system the group has developed to very accurately and precisely quantify foot bone motion. The investigators will vary the design of the orthoses and subjects will be examined to find out which are most effective at improving function.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Device - custom orthoses with varying degrees of hindfoot posting

The base orthotic design will be altered for one foot (most symptomatic in the case of patients or randomly chosen for controls) to give variations from 5-degree lateral hindfoot posting to 10-degree medial in 2.5-degree increments.

Quantitative Prescription of Foot Orthoses: A Dose-Response Study of Kinematics in Patients With Foot and Ankle Pain Using Biplane Fluoroscopy