Asthma Inflammation Research

Asthma Inflammation Research

The overall goal of the Asthma Inflammation Research [AIR] Translational Program is to create an integrated multidisciplinary team for the focused purpose of development of diagnostic and prognostic tests informative for airway inflammation, and for the design of innovative, targeted biologic therapeutics. The overarching aims of the AIR program are to conceptualize, develop, and test the next-generation therapeutics, and novel asthma diagnostic and prognostic tools that will allow us to improve the standard of asthma care.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Dietary Supplement - Nutritional approach for asthma

participants will be provided a medium chain triglyceride supplement or placebo

Dietary Supplement - Low Caloric Shake

participants will be provided a low caloric dietary shake

Biological - whole lung allergen challenge

inhalation of allergens by allergic patients with or without asthma, will be used to define mechanisms underlying the development of airway inflammation

Asthma Inflammation Research