Screening for Vaccine and Antivirals Clinical Trials

Volunteer Screening for Vaccine and Antivirals Clinical Trials

Background: - Vaccines and antiviral therapies are critical for preventing and treating viral diseases. Testing these vaccines and drugs often requires healthy volunteers. To ensure that volunteers are healthy and eligible to participate in these studies, they will be screened before the start of the study. This screening may involve a medical history, physical exam, and blood test. Other samples may also be collected. This study will help identify volunteers who are eligible to participate in vaccine or antiviral therapy trials. Objectives: - To screen volunteers for clinical trials of vaccines or drugs to treat or prevent virus infections. Eligibility: - Healthy volunteers at least 18 years of age. Design: - Screening may begin several months before the start of the clinical trial. Participants may come to the National Institutes of Health clinic one or more times. - Participants may be screened with a physical exam and medical history. Blood samples will be collected. Other samples may also be collected, including urine, nasal wash, nasal swab, or stool samples. All samples will be stored for reference by the study researchers.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Screening of Volunteers for Clinical Trials of Investigational and Licensed Vaccines, Antiviral Products, or Live Virus Challenge Studies