Prenatal Computer-Aided Genetics Education Module

Prenatal Computer-Aided Genetics Education Module

A standard part of obstetrical care is offering prenatal genetic screening. Numerous professional guidelines have emphasized the importance of pretest counseling for prenatal genetic screenings. Informed consent includes the optional nature of the test, information on the conditions being screened, possible test results, implication of each result, and the type of test offered (screening or diagnostic). This responsibility falls on the physician in a busy clinic. Technology may be able to address this limitation and give consistent pretest counseling for patients waiting for their appointment. This study is looking to evaluate the use of computer-aided genetics education module for facilitating decision making about prenatal genetic screening and testing for fetal chromosome conditions and carrier status.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Computer-Aided Genetic Education Module

Subjects will be provided with an electronic device to view Computer-Aided Genetic Education Module (CAGEM) software. This is an interactive software designed to provide subjects with tailored information regarding prenatal screening options for carrier status and aneuploidy.

Development of a Computer-Aided Genetics Education Module (CAGEM) on Screening and Testing for Fetal Chromosome Conditions and Carrier Status: A Clinical Trial