Pain Effect on Attention Using an Ipad Game App

Pain Effect on Attention Using an Ipad Game App

Cognitive performance will be studied over time using an iPad game interface called the nine choice human game (5CH) in normal volunteer subjects before during and after experimentally induced thermal (cold or warm) pain or control (no intervention).

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Heat induced pain

For the heat induced thermal pain, the research nurse will train the subject to estimate pain quantitatively using a 2 cm 2 Peltier controlled thermode (TSA®) applied to the skin of the arm. Typically, the subject is exposed to temperatures between 41° and 49° C using a random staircase method. After the volunteer learns to qualitatively estimate the thermal pain, pain will be established by heating the the leg with a 4 cm2 Peltier controlled thermode (TSA®) for 90 seconds with the probe cla more on

Cold Induced Pain

Cold pain will be induced by placing a foot in a container of circulating water maintained at 10°C for 90 seconds (n=20). Half (n=20) of the subjects will have the foot placed in body temperature water of 38°C.

Device - iPad

The Effect of Pain on Short Term Cognitive Performance Using a Computer Assisted/Ipad Game Interface