Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Latinas

Web-based Physical Activity Intervention for Latinas

This renewal builds upon our successful culturally adapted PA intervention for Latinas (Pasos Hacia La Salud, R01CA159954) and expands its focus to the critical area of maintenance of behavior change. This study will test an enhanced version of the original internet intervention in order to achieve greater increases in PA and longer term maintenance. Investigators propose to test this newly developed enhanced intervention (Enhanced Intervention) compared to the original Pasos Hacia La Salud Intervention (Original Intervention) in a 24-month randomized trial (N=300).

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Enhanced Physical Activity Intervention

Participants in the Enhanced Intervention arm will receive all the intervention components of the Original Intervention described above plus: 1) text messages and adaptive goal-setting to drive participants back to the website and keep them there longer, and 2) data-driven, technology supported enhanced intervention content targeting theoretical constructs that influenced PA behavior in Latinas from the parent study.

Behavioral - Original Physical Activity Intervention

Participants in the Original Physical Activity intervention arm of the study will receive the original Spanish language, motivationally-tailored, Internet-based physical activity intervention that specifically addresses the Physical Activity barriers and intervention needs/preferences of Latinas.

Promoting Physical Activity in Latinas Via Interactive Web-based Technology