Brachytherapy for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Focal Salvage HDR Brachytherapy for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Radiation therapy is considered a standard treatment option for the management of localized prostate cancer. Among the 20-30% who recur, a proportion of them will present with an isolated local recurrence, meaning no distant metastases. If left untreated, it may serve as a source for subsequent metastases. Salvage options available for isolated local recurrence include; temporary or permanent implantation of radioactive seeds into the prostate, complete removal of the prostate gland, use of low temperatures to treat the disease, and high frequency ultrasound to treat the disease. There are risks of complications associated with all these treatments, and there is presently no consensus as to which treatment is the best. Therefore, the aim of this pilot study is to look at the feasibility and toxicities of focal treatment of the prostate using temporary implantation of radioactive seeds into the prostate which the investigators hope will be less since the entire prostate is not treated.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Radiation - focal salvage HDR prostate brachytherapy

Treatment will be delivered using 192-Ir HDR afterloading. Dose prescription is 2 fractions of 13.5 Gy each, delivered 1 week apart.

Pilot Study of Focal Salvage HDR Prostate Brachytherapy