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Clinical Trial of Anti-Oxidant Astaxanthin in Insulin-Resistant Subjects

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Clinical Trial of Anti-oxidant Astaxanthin in Insulin-resistant Subjects

Astaxanthin is a natural compound, present in many foodstuffs and available as a nutritional supplement that has been shown to have beneficial effects on many of the features of insulin resistance/glucose intolerance, at least in animals. The goal of this project is to provide a validation of astaxanthin effects on metabolic regulation in humans and their mechanism(s) of action, to determine if astaxanthin could have any value as a "neutraceutical" to help improve regulation of glucose and fat metabolism in subjects with insulin resistance/ glucose intolerance.


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Dietary Supplement - Astaxanthin

The agent to be tested is astaxanthin, isolated from H. pluvialis following GMP standards. A GRAS notice (GRN000294) was accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in January 2010. Agent is stored in capsules at room temperature.


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A Double-blinded, Placebo-controlled, Clinical Trial of Insulin-sensitizing, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant Activities of Astaxanthin in Insulin-resistant Subjects

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