Evaluating an eHealth Breastfeeding Resource

Evaluating an eHealth Breastfeeding Resource

This trial will evaluate an eHealth breastfeeding co-parenting resource designed for mothers and their co-parents. Couples will be randomized to study groups and the intervention group will receive information about this resource or the control group will receive usual care. The primary outcomes will be exclusive breastfeeding at 4 and 24 weeks postpartum.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

eHealth Breastfeeding Co-parenting Resource

The eHealth breastfeeding co-parenting resource was designed using a participatory model in partnership with the target population. It contains extensive information about breastfeeding and co-parenting. The topics include not only the importance of breastfeeding and technique but also information on how to manage common issues during breastfeeding establishment as well as over the child's first years, since breastfeeding is recommended to two years and beyond. Interactive learning elements, vid more on

Evaluating an eHealth Breastfeeding Resource for Mothers, Fathers, Partners and Co-parents