Stenting in the Treatment of Aneurysm Trial

Stenting in the Treatment of Aneurysm Trial

The STAT trial aims at comparing coiling versus coiling plus stenting in patients with aneurysms prone to recurrence, that is large aneurysms or recurring aneurysms after previous coiling or wide-necked aneurysms. The primary hypothesis is that the use of stenting in addition to coiling decreases the recurrence rate from 33% to 20% at 12 months as compared to coiling alone.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only

Device - endovascular coiling with any type of currently approved coil (first or second generation)

Standard procedure for endovascular coiling.Coils may be bare Platinum coils or any so-called second generation coils such as but not restricted to Hydrocoil or Cerecyte

Device - endovascular stenting with or without coiling. The stent may be any of the currently approved stents for intracranial aneurysms.

Standard procedure for stenting. Addition of coils to the stent is left to the judgment of the treating physician

Stenting in the Treatment of Large, Wide-necked or Recurring Intracranial Aneurysms