Experimental Treatment for Lung Cancer

Phase II Lung Metcore - Preoperative Metformin for Lung Cancer

This is a phase II single centre open label single arm pre-operative window of metformin treatment in stage I-IIIa Non small cell lung cancer. In which patients will be invited to participate by receiving Metformin treatment during 14 to 21 days at 850 mg BID until the day before surgery. They will be followed closely for any Adverse Events during treatment and 30 days after surgery. During treatment there will be no follow up tests except 1 fasting blood glucose at week 2 of treatment. Survival data will be prospectively gathered after study treatment has ended until death.

Pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Drug - Metformin

850 mg tablets v/o OD for first 5 days 850 mg tablets v/o BID until day 21

Phase II Study of Single Agent Pre-operative Metformin in Patients With Clinical Stage I - IIIA NSCLC Proceeding to Surgical Resection. 'Lung Metcore Study'