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Trial Intervention to Reduce Depressive and Anxious Symptoms

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Ultra-Brief Intervention to Reduce Depressive and Anxious Symptoms

Symptoms of depression and anxiety are extremely prevalent in the population. Unfortunately, patients often face barriers to accessing mental health care, particularly psychotherapeutic interventions, including long wait-times and demanding therapeutic protocols. For instance, Mindfulness-Based Therapy (MBT) has demonstrated effectiveness at decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improving wellbeing; however, 'traditional' MBT can demand over 30 hours of clinical time, and 50-60 hours of homework, all of which can be barriers to care. A pilot, uncontrolled study conducted at Sunnybrook illustrated the potential feasibility / efficaciousness of a novel abbreviated MBT in improving hospital staff wellbeing. The goal of this controlled study is to further test feasibility and acceptability of this intervention to reduce depressive / anxious symptoms, reduce stress and improve wellbeing in outpatient mood/anxiety patients. If efficacious, this Abbreviated MBT could reduce barriers to accessing mental health care.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only Recruiting patients only

Behavioral - Abbreviated-Mindfulness-based Therapy

A-MBT will be delivered in group format, 120 minutes per week, for 5 consecutive weeks with 10-20 participants per group.

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Improving Access to Quality Mental Healthcare Through Innovations in Psychotherapy: A Pilot Study of a Novel, Ultra-Brief Intervention to Reduce Depressive and Anxious Symptoms

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