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Modified Cystoscopy Method to Reduce Pain Perception

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A Trial of a Modified Cystoscopy Method to Reduce Pain Perception

The goal of this project is to improve patient experience of cystoscopy using a non-pharmacologic modification of procedure. Cystoscopy is a common outpatient procedure for urology patients and is usually performed without sedation. However, there is limited research into reduction of patient discomfort throughout this procedure. The proposed modification technique was selected based on a well-documented psychological phenomenon in which only particular moments over the course of an aversive event determine the resultant perception of the experience. It is hypothesized that implementation of the technique will decrease the recalled pain intensity of the cystoscopy.


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No pharmaceutical medication involved No pharmaceutical medication involved
Recruiting patients only Recruiting patients only

Behavioral - Modified Cystoscopy

The objective of this study is to examine whether a non-pharmacologic modification in procedure of cystoscopies improves patient perception of pain and discomfort.

Behavioral - Routine Cystoscopy

Routine cystoscopy as done as part of routine clinical practice

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A Randomized Control Trial of a Modified Cystoscopy Method to Reduce Pain Perception

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