Psychoeducation Program for Dementia Family Caregivers

Testing Tele-Savvy, an On-line Psychoeducation Program for Dementia Family Caregivers

The purpose of this study is to test the psychoeducational program "Tele-Savvy." Tele-Savvy is an internet based, group education program developed from an in person program called Savvy Caregiver. Participants will be randomly assigned to either the Tele-Savvy group (receiving only the Tele-Savvy education) or the Healthy Living Education Program (receiving healthy lifestyle education and then Tele-Savvy education 6 months later) or a usual care group (receiving Tele-Savvy education 6 months later). Each program takes 43 days to complete.

No pharmaceutical medication involved
Patients and healthy individuals accepted

Behavioral - Tele-Savvy

The Tele-Savvy program engages groups of six dementia family caregivers in a program that extends over 43 days. The program begins with a scheduled 75-minute group videoconference led by facilitators; similar group videoconferences then take place weekly for six weeks. In between the video-conferences, caregivers will receive daily emails with links to 5-15 minute on-line video lessons that can be watched on their own schedule as often as they wish. The videoconferences allow caregivers to repor more on

Behavioral - Healthy Living Education Program

The Healthy Living Education Program contains video and text materials on exercise, diet, and healthy living. Participants will be asked to log into the Canvas site daily over the course of six weeks to view the videos. Each participant will also receive 7 weekly brief scripted phone or video calls from a project facilitator to inquire about participants' use of the materials. Additionally, all participants will convene weekly for a video conference centered on the application of healthy living more on

Testing Tele-Savvy, an On-line Psychoeducation Program for Dementia Family Caregivers